I'm Just A Kid With Too Much Lonely Space
Melissa. 17. Everything will probably be alright.
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*aggressively doesn’t know*

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when u in class and porn pops up on ya dash


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but can we discuss how around this time in 2009 fall out boy was releasing their greatest hits album which featured a bonus track with the lyrics ”i’m just the kid on the balcony singing nobody will ever remember me” and we all thought we’d never hear another new fall out boy song and nearly five years later they’re back and singing the lyrics “you’ll remember me for centuries”

it just blows my mind

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for my entire life i wondered why a dragonfly has an ass thats like 8 times as long as their body and tonight i finally felt compelled to investigate and as it turns out dragonflies breath thru their ass and can shoot water out of their butt hole to make them fly faster…….so…… i really did not expect that to be the answer but there it is

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